Strange Encounter

The latest post from Mr Campbell Wallace – he’s an amazing human being, having battled serious illness and undergone transplant surgery he now lives his life – his ‘Second Chance’ – if the blog interests you I recommend obtains a copy of his book – aptly titled ‘Second Chance’ available in kindle version or paperback via the links on his WordPress site … Wise words for anyone facing transplant surgery / serious illness / treatments and their families & friends … Hop over to to read more about this incredible man … Lizzy Clark

Mr Campbell Wallace

Good Day My Friends Good Day My Friends

Three items on this post firstly the link to the interview I made at St Georges Hall Liverpool. I would appreciate you sharing the link with friends and enemies, either way; it should have a suitable effect! I would be interested in your opinions of the video; please let me know.

Incidentally during the week after Liverpool I was attending an event and became part of a strange conversation. A lady cheerfully informed me she would happily receive an organ donation, but no way would she put her name on the donor register. I have an open mind about people’s opinions, although this woman baffled me. She thought her opinion was some twisted joke. Believing, she was in some way ‘winding’ up my intolerance spring.

The donor/recipient relationship is holistic and delicate. We should be careful of opinion as sometimes there is a risk of damaging…

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