Decisions Decisions

Decisions Decisions

Hardly a day goes by without my being asked by a customer ‘what does this crystal do?’ or ‘what should i do about…?’

Indecision – procrastination

When it comes to decision making, many expect others to do it for them – thus avoiding the responsibility themselves.  Whatever the choice that is to be made – it is your choice.  We alone are responsible for our lives and our future – no one else.  Always make the decision that is right for you – yes, you.  When you can do this, only then are you truly ‘living your life’.

There is no need to worry about your choice and how it will affect others – why go through life trying to make others happy by doing what you think they would want you to do?  or do as they tell you?  We’ve all heard it haven’t we?  If I were you I’d do x y and z… Well matey, you’re not me are you – so I’ll do a b and c instead because thats what I want to do and what I feel is the right choice for me.

Are you making yourself a life of happiness?  In order to do this, you must make your own choices – for your own inner happiness – no room in life for discord.


Back to crystals.  When people come to see me with a long list of ‘must have’ crystals, I ask, ‘how much do you want to spend?’ – the next question is always, ‘what is important to you at this time?’  Its important if you have a list of ‘have to have’ to contemplate what is important to you – have you considered the very fact that you have a list of ‘must haves’ the actual root of your problem?  Think about which crystal or colour is most important to you – and instead of buying 6 or 7 different smaller stones, consider purchasing one single substantial piece that means something to you or you can use as a point of focus.  So many customers have changed from having a box full of small stones to having shelves holding larger, interesting and visible specimens.

A bit like life really, if you focus your energies into being brilliant at one or two things, you will excel.

And when you excel and shine, you are in demand and people value you more, you will a valuable asset and this can be translated into financial reward for your efforts.  Be decisive – Choose to be brilliant – like the exquisite mineral specimen – excel, shine and be valued.  If you’re a pebble on a beach, you are one amongst many, and with so many to choose from, unlikely to be picked.



Lizzy Clark


11 thoughts on “Decisions Decisions

  1. I loved you post.
    We have a lot of crystals here in this area. Some are laying on the ground.
    I believe we must have a cave here.
    There are many caves in this area. I have been to a few.
    Some people do not even know they have a crystal sitting around. And some are a pretty good size!
    One woman that was selling her house had them lining her driveway! Almost the size of basketballs.
    Apparently someone else knew that too, because they are gone now. 😦

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