A Clean Sheet

A Clean Sheet

Its the first day of the second month of a new year.  Did you make any resolutions on the last day of the last month of the last year?  New Year Resolutions – made with good intentions, how many have you kept?  Did you promise yourself or others that the new year would be a clean sheet – put aside the past and start the new year afresh…

I should think we’ve all made promises to ourselves – I will get fit – join the gym and spend ££s per month to lose lbs – sounds a good idea at the time, but in the cold light of day its often hard to maintain – dark morning, dark evenings make it uninviting to venture out at this time of year.  Don’t worry, you’ve got the rest of the year to ‘catch up’ with the resolutions / promises.  In a few weeks we’ll be changing the clocks and welcoming waking in daylight, and more daylight hours to work / rest / play.

You can start each day with a clean sheet – when you close your eyes each night and submit to slumber, the day’s events / problems / worries disappear – you can choose to resurrect them on waking, or you can choose to start afresh with each new dawn.

Each new day brings with it new possibilities, new potentials – its up to you to make the most of them if you choose.



Today was a day of leisure – no alarm call to wake to, no rush to leave the house.  Time for an extra coffee, time to cook a satisfying ‘brunch’.  No rain, no snow.  No rush hour traffic to drive through, and once parked, a walk through the city to Nottingham Contemporary.

Exhibits to browse, films to view, soundbites to listen to … a well put together exhibition with a powerful message.  Social media and gossip on buses is awash with conversations and comments about so called ‘reality TV programmes’ with pseudo celebs in non reality pseudo settings … a film at the exhibition should, in my opinion, be compulsory viewing by all – shown in schools, broadcast on all tv stations… it was the true reality of what man is doing to the planet… the indigenous peoples of the Amazonian rain forests are fighting for the right to remain in their unspoiled communities – whilst the multi billion dollar multi nationals fight for what actually already belongs to the people who live there … when did China, Canada, USA etc have the right to ‘own’ and ‘control’ a part of the world thousands of miles from their nations?  to rape the land of natural resources for billions of dollars of profit for their shareholders and fat cat director?  The people who inhabit the amazonian rain forests are the wealthy ones – do they measure their wealth in $s, in material possessions?  no, they consider themselves wealthy as they have all that they could ever need – clean air, clean water, natural medicines and simple food, family and community.  What a powerful film.  The images and words will remain with me for a long time.

And tomorrow?

who knows?  a new day – a clean sheet


Liz Clark


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