What’s around the corner?


So many of us wander through our daily routines, not knowing what is ‘around the corner’ – we stumble through each day, blind to what is going on around us.

Many are so wrapped up in their work, their day, and rather than look around and enjoy what is ‘here and now’ – just concentrate on those two weeks or ten days in so many months time when they will join the masses and ‘get away from it all’ – they call it a holiday.   It could be considered a ‘hell – iday’ – struggling to save the money, or putting it on credit cards then worrying about how to pay it all off – thinking ‘I’ll be happy when I’m away from it all’ – but if you’re not happy in your day to day life, how can you be happy away from it?  Worrying about how you’re going to pay for your two weeks of ‘freedom’ …

And does this mean that the other 50 weeks of the year have no consequence, that only those two weeks are the days that matter?   No I don’t think so.   I think every day matters, every moment of every day.   You can enjoy every day.   Do you take the bus or tram or train to work?  Enjoy the ride, sit back and allow someone else to battle through the traffic, you can sit back and watch the world go by, or listen to your tunes, or read your book… what a refreshing way to start the day!  Do you have a lunch break?  Enjoy eating your packed lunch, or your bought lunch – take the time to sit and watch the world outside your window, or watch the passers by – where are they going?  What’s on their mind?  If the weather allows it, you may be able to eat your lunch outside, or go for a walk at lunchtime, even if it’s just for 5 minutes, look at the sky, can you see any trees? Or flowers? Or birds?  Enjoy a few moments with nature, reflect upon the seasons.  Enjoy and appreciate the fact that you can look at the sky and the birds!  On your journey home, don’t worry about what’s happened in the office/workplace, leave your work issues at work, you’re on your way home, to your sanctuary, to an evening meal, time to relax and unwind – whether to listen to music, read a book, share a meal with someone, eat your meal on your own with your own thoughts – enjoy and appreciate your home, your family, your friends…

When you have a day or an afternoon off – off work, or just time to your self, do you spend the time on the computer?  Watching TV?  Do you get out and about, walking around your local area, venture to your park, nature reserve, woodland?

There is much to enjoy about each and every day – turn every day into a holiday!   You don’t have to travel very far to explore!

I love to go for walks, I spend many hours inside so when I have the opportunity to go for a walk, I’ll go!  It may be a drive then a walk around somewhere newly discovered, a village, or nearby town.  When time permits its a drive to the coast and a walk on the beach, but if I just have a short time to go for a walk, there are plenty of places nearby that I can explore – and each season brings different views and sights.

Today I walked around a lake, saw geese and ducks, took photographs of buildings and trees and on the way through the town on the way home saw three ‘blue plaques’ – telling of people who have lived here – fascinating facts about each of these… intriguing!  Maybe I’ll find out some more information about these men featured on the blue plaques – I can appreciate even more then their stories, their time living in the same place as me.

Take a moment to think about your life, take a moment to think about how you can enjoy each moment of each day.  We may not be remembered with ‘blue plaques’ but it would be great to be remembered as someone who loved life and enjoyed each moment of their time on this earth.



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